Date Night Ideas

When David and I started courting, almost two years ago, we wrote out a list of 45 simple, fun dates that we wanted to do together. We almost have the entire list checked off. 

While a few on the list do cost, most of the activities are free/cheap! 

  1. Aquarium
  2. Bowling 
  3. Baseball Game
  4. Drive In Movie
  5.  Escape Room
  6. County Fair
  7. Four Wheeling
  8. Ice Cream/Fro- Yo
  9. Mini Golf
  10. Movie Marathon
  11. Picnic
  12. Play X-Box
  13. Netflix + Ice Cream
  14. Truck Bed Star Gazing 
  15. Cook + Dance Together in the Kitchen
  16. Dinner + a Movie
  17. Bike Ride
  18. Museum 
  19. Ice Skating
  20. Make a Couples Bucket List
  21. Make S’mores
  22. Visit Downtown
  23. Make Pizza From Scratch
  24. Make a Dessert From Scratch
  25. Rent a Movie New to Us both
  26. Work Out Together
  27. Watch Funny YouTube Videos
  28. Try A New Restaurant
  29. Have a Bonfire 
  30. Binge Watch a Favorite TV Show
  31. Go Apple/Pumpkin Picking
  32. Go Kayaking 
  33. The Penny Date
  34. Take a Walk
  35. Play Paintball
  36. Play Tennis
  37. Go On a Spontaneous Drive 
  38. Start A Tradition
  39. Prank Call A Friend
  40. Read the Same Book
  41. Play 20 Questions
  42. Watch A Horror Movie
  43. Go to A Haunted House
  44. Go to a Concert
  45. Go on a Long Hike

I love having this list on hand (anyone else a list geek??) for whenever we have an evening free and need help deciding what kind of date we want to go on, and now I hope it can give you some ideas as well!

Enjoy + have fun my friends. 

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