Our Wedding Video // May 26th 2018

Hiring a videographer for our wedding wasn’t something that was immediately a high priority on our vendor list. But guys, I am SO HAPPY that we decided to add this extremely special aspect to our forever memories.

We received + watched our video on Tuesday and let me just say that being able to relive all of the special details and memories from our magical day is something that we will be able to cherish forever.  Hearing each other say our vows and promises to each other ((without experiencing the stage fright jitters that came from standing in front of all our friends and family)) is something that I could never put a price on.

Speaking of price…

Like I mentioned earlier, hiring someone to capture our day on video was more of an after thought for us. More of an “if we have enough money in the budget” idea.

I began looking for videographers in our area that wouldn’t break the bank and was surprised to find the perfect match.  If you or anyone around the Cincinnati /Dayton area are looking for a wedding videographer but aren’t willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, I HIGHLY recommend ours.

Bob Drummond was a extremely professional and a dream to work with. Leading up to our big day he communicated excellently with us in order to discover exactly what our vision was and he was extremely flexible and accommodating to my last minute requests. The day of the wedding he was so fun to work with! The entire day he was “barely there” in the sense of keeping out of the way of the hustle and bustle, but he was able to capture every single moment of all the highlights of the wedding as well as those precious in between moments that could have slipped between the cracks of our memories had Bob not captured them so perfectly.

Without further ado, here is our long awaited video. I hope you find it as delightful as we did and aren’t too grossed out by ALL the PDA ((because dang, there is A LOT of kissing!))

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