Our Honeymoon. Gatlinburg TN. 2018

For our honeymoon we rented a cabin in the mountains of Gatlinburg Tennessee. BEST decision in my opinion. We were able to just relax, kick back and do as we pleased when we pleased. We had no schedule to follow and pretty much just planned our days as we went.

We arrived late Sunday evening, after our GPS took us, like, twenty miles in the opposite direction of our cabin.

Since it was so late, we popped a pizza in the oven and turned on the TV. There weren’t very many channels available to us, but if i remember correctly we ended up watching Supernatural and while Supernatural was on commercial we flipped to Friends.

Monday afternoon we went into Gatlinburg for lunch. We went to Texas Roadhouse and it did not disappoint!IMG_4763

Get ready to see a bunch of kissing pictures! Like seriously, our two main poses were:

1. Standing super close with my hand on his chest and his arm around me

2. kissing


IMG_4765IMG_4768Monday evening we went and watched the Dolly Parton Stampede. It was so much fun! So much fun in fact that I forgot to take pictures… But here is us before we left. Our cabin had a super cute balcony which made a perfect backdrop for pictures. IMG_4775IMG_4777IMG_4776 On Tuesday we spend the day out – At the Aquarium, and then walking around exploring candy shops and eating ice creamIMG_4965IMG_4902IMG_4935IMG_4914IMG_4948IMG_4971IMG_4983IMG_4985IMG_4986IMG_4987IMG_4992IMG_4994IMG_4997IMG_4998IMG_5012

This was the view from our balcony. It rained most of the time we were there and so the clouds hung low and we couldn’t get a clear look of the mountains, but when it cleared up we were rewarded with a beautiful view.IMG_5024

On Wednesday we went to Krispy Cream for breakfast and then to the Titanic museum (which, sadly, did not permit photography).  IMG_5036IMG_5040IMG_5041IMG_5046

On our way back to the cabin, we drove down a SUPER windy road and discovered a cute little church with a bridge, so we decided to stop and take a picture or two. IMG_5048IMG_5053

David’s family has visited Gatlinburg many times, and they always stop to take a picture at the famous Smokey Mountain sign, so of course we had to take one as well! IMG_5096IMG_5097

Overall we had an amazing time on our honeymoon and can’t wait to keep this newlywed love going through the years to come, because who says the honeymoon phase has to end?

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