Our Wedding 5.26.18

I’ve never felt anticipation quite like i did in the months and weeks leading up to our wedding day. There were times when I would just squeeze David’s hand in joy and exclaim, “I can’t believe I get to marry you!!”

The morning of the wedding… I actually don’t remember much of it. I just remember going to the venue to try to put together the last bit of decorations, but once I got there I honestly was just wondering around like a little lost girl. I am so thankful for all the helping hands that actually helped me get things done because I literally had lost my mind. I wasn’t stressed at all, I just so excited had what I called “Bride Brain” and couldn’t answer any questions about the wedding details without consulting my huge wedding binder.

Since I wasn’t really being much help, I went ahead and left for my aunt’s house, which was where all the girls were going to get ready for the wedding. I started on my younger sister’s makeup and from that point on everything went super fast.

my sweet aunt had completely redecorated her front room to accommodate me and my bridesmaids. She repainted her walls to lighten the room and purchased mirrors to make doing makeup easier, as well as made a yummy luncheon for us to enjoy.

For the entire six months of our engagement, we planned an outdoor ceremony. I imagined the forest behind us while we stood under the arch David made. I imagined the wind billowing through my veil and birds chirping. My heart broke a little bit when I had to make the call to move the ceremony inside. The packed sand arena of the equestrian facility was already decorated for the reception, and so the groomsmen had to quickly set up all the chairs and the entire sound system in a little under an hour. Bravo to them!

My sister-in-law, Grace, offered to do my makeup. She was also able to do most of the eight bridesmaids as well and was a huge blessing!
Jewell (my youngest sister, shown above) was so excited to get her makeup done.




Meanwhile, the guys were getting ready in the South Observation Room of the venue, Hilltop Equestrian Center.


8X8A75628X8A75718X8A75808X8A75948X8A7602Originally, we planned on having our Father + Daughter first look and David and mines prayer outside, but it was pourrrring outside, so sadly we settled for doing it inside. It ended up being beautiful nonetheless.


Since we had planned on our ceremony taking place outside, we didn’t rehearse for an indoor emergency plan. But everything went off without a hitch. Everyone did a wonderful job being flexible and playing things by ear. 8X8A78618X8A78638X8A78788X8A78868X8A78908X8A78978X8A79028X8A79088X8A79138X8A79188X8A79348X8A79408X8A79478X8A79568X8A79608X8A79838X8A79978X8A80128X8A80338X8A80408X8A80518X8A80608X8A80868X8A81168X8A82278X8A82628X8A8278Our reception was so much fun. However it is true when they say you won’t remember much of it. We spent the evening eating, chatting with friends and eating cake.


David’s brother spent time with us in the weeks leading up to the wedding giving us dancing lessons, and I’m happy to say that they did pay off




^^This picture as proof, we basically had the best bridal party ever.
Having our best friends beside us on our day was one of the best decisions we made





8X8A96168X8A96208X8A96428X8A96568X8A96688X8A96948X8A96958X8A96968X8A97078X8A97198X8A9768Our send off was super memorable, complete with sparklers and firecrackers taped to our get-away truck! The groomsmen did a great job with it, and they were pretty proud of themselves. 8X8A99018X8A9960

Photography: Lydia Ruth Photography

Flowers: The Flower Man

Dress: Something New Borrowed and Blue

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