The First Page in Our Story

Our families had know each other for about eight years and we spent a lot of time together as good friends, and what they say is true – the very best relationships begin with a strong foundation of friendship. We hit it off from the beginning but never got very close to each other until a few years ago. I grew to think of him as a really great guy and I respected him a lot. He later confessed that he thought I was a really great girl and would make someone a wonderful wife one day.

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Six months into our relationship

Little did we know that in December of 2016 that the Lord would open David’s eyes and heart to see and think of me as more than a friend. In the meantime I was completely oblivious to this and continued to seek the Lord in my singleness.

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In February of the next year, after listening closely for direction from God, David approached me with the possibility of pursuing a deeper relationship together. We immediately felt the Lord’s hand and guidance in this and after seeking the Lord’s will in prayer, we decided that this was definitely in the Lord’s plan four our lives.

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The Proposal


I was told it was just a little get together with some food and games to celebrate my mom’s birthday – which was the previous week. Little did I know what David had planned. We sat in the living room conversing with my family and his, and he asked me if I’d like to join him outside for some fresh (really cold) air. We moved to sit on the porch, gently swinging back and forth on the wooden porch swing. We sat there for a while, just being comfortable with his right arm around my shoulders and his left hand in both of mine. We talked about the sweet moments in our relationship and the funny ones. We talked about all our favorite memories and expressed our awe at how fast the months had seemed to rush by. During a peaceful lull in our conversation David got up from the swing and said, “I’d like to add one more memory” as he slipped to one knee, popped open a white ring box containing the most beautiful white gold and diamond ring (SO SPARKLY!) and asked me to be his wife. ” Are you serious?! YES!” I answered. And so began our countdown to when we become Mr. & Mrs. Robertson

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