Date Night Ideas

When David and I started courting, almost two years ago, we wrote out a list of 45 simple, fun dates that we wanted to do together. We almost have the entire list checked off. 

While a few on the list do cost, most of the activities are free/cheap! 

  1. Aquarium
  2. Bowling 
  3. Baseball Game
  4. Drive In Movie
  5.  Escape Room
  6. County Fair
  7. Four Wheeling
  8. Ice Cream/Fro- Yo
  9. Mini Golf
  10. Movie Marathon
  11. Picnic
  12. Play X-Box
  13. Netflix + Ice Cream
  14. Truck Bed Star Gazing 
  15. Cook + Dance Together in the Kitchen
  16. Dinner + a Movie
  17. Bike Ride
  18. Museum 
  19. Ice Skating
  20. Make a Couples Bucket List
  21. Make S’mores
  22. Visit Downtown
  23. Make Pizza From Scratch
  24. Make a Dessert From Scratch
  25. Rent a Movie New to Us both
  26. Work Out Together
  27. Watch Funny YouTube Videos
  28. Try A New Restaurant
  29. Have a Bonfire 
  30. Binge Watch a Favorite TV Show
  31. Go Apple/Pumpkin Picking
  32. Go Kayaking 
  33. The Penny Date
  34. Take a Walk
  35. Play Paintball
  36. Play Tennis
  37. Go On a Spontaneous Drive 
  38. Start A Tradition
  39. Prank Call A Friend
  40. Read the Same Book
  41. Play 20 Questions
  42. Watch A Horror Movie
  43. Go to A Haunted House
  44. Go to a Concert
  45. Go on a Long Hike

I love having this list on hand (anyone else a list geek??) for whenever we have an evening free and need help deciding what kind of date we want to go on, and now I hope it can give you some ideas as well!

Enjoy + have fun my friends. 

Our Wedding Video // May 26th 2018

Hiring a videographer for our wedding wasn’t something that was immediately a high priority on our vendor list. But guys, I am SO HAPPY that we decided to add this extremely special aspect to our forever memories.

We received + watched our video on Tuesday and let me just say that being able to relive all of the special details and memories from our magical day is something that we will be able to cherish forever.  Hearing each other say our vows and promises to each other ((without experiencing the stage fright jitters that came from standing in front of all our friends and family)) is something that I could never put a price on.

Speaking of price…

Like I mentioned earlier, hiring someone to capture our day on video was more of an after thought for us. More of an “if we have enough money in the budget” idea.

I began looking for videographers in our area that wouldn’t break the bank and was surprised to find the perfect match.  If you or anyone around the Cincinnati /Dayton area are looking for a wedding videographer but aren’t willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, I HIGHLY recommend ours.

Bob Drummond was a extremely professional and a dream to work with. Leading up to our big day he communicated excellently with us in order to discover exactly what our vision was and he was extremely flexible and accommodating to my last minute requests. The day of the wedding he was so fun to work with! The entire day he was “barely there” in the sense of keeping out of the way of the hustle and bustle, but he was able to capture every single moment of all the highlights of the wedding as well as those precious in between moments that could have slipped between the cracks of our memories had Bob not captured them so perfectly.

Without further ado, here is our long awaited video. I hope you find it as delightful as we did and aren’t too grossed out by ALL the PDA ((because dang, there is A LOT of kissing!))

Two Things I’ve Learned About Marriage In Two Months

It’s so crazy unbelievable that two months have passed since we have become man and wife. WOWZO!

I know that we haven’t had a lot of time to learn a ton about married life, but we cherish the few things we have learned!

We look forward to learning more about each other and our marriage the rest of our first year together – and the rest of the years of our life together!

1. Being A Proverbs 31 Woman is Not Easy

At one of my bridal showers a dear older lady  pulled me aside and gave me a little bit of marital wisdom. She told me that in Proverbs 31, it says that the woman’s husband  “is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land.” (Proverbs 31:23). This means that the woman Solomon is describing to his son is an older woman. He isn’t describing a young wife. The woman he is referring to is experienced and has a lot of time as a wife under her belt.

She probably didn’t enter into marriage as a young woman already the perfect housewife.

She probably struggled with waking up “while it is yet night” (I mean, was coffee even around back then?).

She probably didn’t get the hang of “considering a field” to buy it for a while

+ it probably took her a couple tries to remember to not let the candle go out at night.

While it encouraged me in the moment, I didn’t fully take this wisdom to heart until after David and I were married and the laundry piled (super) high, the dishes didn’t get washed by the end of the day and I was feeling really discouraged. This was hard for me to face, but I am happy to say that I’m learning that it’s a process! Stay tuned to see if I ever reach my goal of being a real, genuine Proverbs 31 Woman.

2.   Patience is Key

Marriage is the union of two VERY individual people. While David and I have some similar characteristics (we are both super chill and laid back + we both like ice cream with peanut butter), we are still different in SO many ways.

Our thought process is different.

We plan things differently.

We process things differently.

+ our weird, annoying habits are different.

It takes a lot of patience to step back while you figure each other out in a whole new light.  It’s been a journey learning and processing the different ways that we both react to different situations. Being patient is a choice we have to make every single morning when we wake up, and sometimes we fail. But we have made it a point to never let the day end without giving an effort to be on the same page.  We learn more every day ways to win the fight together, and we are loving the process of becoming an unbreakable team.


All About Our Wedding. Details!

When we first got engaged in November we knew we wanted a short engagement, and six months seemed like the perfect time. We waited until after the holidays to start the hardcore planning, and that left us with about four months before the wedding to get a boatload of things done.

If you couldn’t tell by the sentence above, I am a huge procrastinator! So from the very beginning I made it my goal to keep up to date with my checklist. Wedding Wire was my choice weapon and it truly kept my head screwed on straight. I loved that I was able to download the app to my phone and keep tabs on when I needed to get things done, as well as keep track of all my vendors and the wedding budget all in one place!

Speaking of the budget…

This was probably the least fun part of planning our wedding, but my sweet parents offered to pay for most of it and what a blessing that was for David and I.

In order to save all the moo-la we could, we DIY’d everything we could possibly DIY!


My Sister in Law was our photographer and did our engagement and wedding photos for free. (Here’s her website if you like the job she did for us!  Lydia Ruth Photography. She travels worldwide and is pretty dang amazing at what she does)8X8A8871


We chose Hill Top Equestrian Center as our venue. We were able to get if for super cheap because I have been volunteering there for almost eleven years, so it was a huge blessing and the perfect place for our wedding 8X8A7482


We bought a ton of food in bulk and two of my sweet aunts did our catering for us. And Oh. My. Goodness. They did an AMAZING job. We had so many compliments on the food. Our menu was: Stuffed chicken, roasted red potatoes, buttered dinner rolls and salad. They also made the most beautiful appetizer table, it looked like it jumped off the page of a magazine!


We originally wanted to buy flowers in bulk and then the morning of the wedding arrange our bouquets and other flower arrangements but the closer we got to the wedding the better hiring a professional looked. In order to stay in the same lane as DIY, we chose The Flowerman as our florist. We were able to go to their location the Thursday before the wedding and with the supervision of one of their experienced florists we were able to design and arrange all the bouquets and arch flowers ourselves8X8A95698X8A8559


We were expecting about 200 guests, and ordering a cake that could feed that many people just wasn’t in the budget. So after searching and searching the internet for a reasonably priced baker in our area we found Amy Cakes! We chose a small cake that would serve about 25-30 people and then bought gobs of different desserts in bulk – such as cheesecake, brownies, cookies etc.

Our cake was chocolate with peanut butter filling (So dang delicious). We purchased the faux flowers and “Love Birds” topper at Micheal’s8X8A8392

Bridesmaid Dresses

We had a large bridal party, and it was a huge goal of mine to keep things simple as much as possible. After tons of searching, we came across the perfect dress on Amazon, of all places!

However, when we we ordered two of the dresses, when they arrived the material and color were slightly different from each other. We sent them back, contacted the shop about it and they said that while they couldn’t guarantee that the dresses would match perfectly (because they received different shipments of the dresses and each shipment contained a slightly different version of the dress) they would do their best.

When we received the next order of dresses we had the same problem. So we looked elsewhere. E-bay here we come! We were able to find the same dresses for much cheaper and ordered them straight away. And guess what… we had the same problem as before.

At this point, we decided to suppress my inner perfectionist and just go with it. It turned out that no one was able to even notice the difference in the dress and they all looked beautiful!8X8A70168X8A8505

My Wedding Dress

I said yes to the dress the first time we went dress shopping at Something New Borrowed and Blue, but I didn’t fall in love with the dress I took home. I fell in love with the dress I designed in my head! I loved the satin skirt and the blush color of the dress, but I hated the plasticity lace and sequin overlay. So we bought the dress with intentions of having my seamstress  create a new overlay and sleeves with a timeless lace.

I might write another post with more details about the dress, altering of the dress and all the details – jewelry, shoes, hairpiece, veil etc.

Before being altered


Groom + Groomsmen Attire

Along the same lines of the bridesmaid dresses, we made it our goal to keep the cost down when it came to picking out the men’s clothes. So we opted for the same thing we did for the bridesmaids and we went to Amazon, where we were able to find their entire ensamble!  

I absolutely love the look we went with. A little bit of classy, a touch of rustic and the leather suspenders added just the perfect amount of vintage.

The burgundy ties proved to be the hardest part assembling of their outfits. Since we were ordering them online, it was difficult to find the perfect matching color. But after ordering a few different ties and sending most of them back, we found the perfect one! Its texture was just shy of rustic and the color matched so well with the bridesmaid’s dresses.

The brown, straight legged pants looked great and really tied everything together!

David’s attire was basically made up of everything that the groomsmen wore, minus the leather suspenders. Instead of the suspenders, we chose a tweed vest  in order to have the him stand out from the groomsmen. 8X8A8855


Reception Decor

This was one of our biggest DIY projects. When trying to figure out what kind of decorations I wanted to for the reception and tables, like any bride I went to Pinterest. That’s where I found the perfect inspiration.

When I came across a picture of wine bottles decorated individually and clustered together, I knew that was what I wanted. However, finding empty wine bottles for cheap wasn’t easy. My main source for finding them ended up being Facebook Marketplace! I ended up finding a lady who had over 200 bottles for sale and so I was pretty much able to get all the bottles I needed in one go.

Finding the bottles wasn’t the hardest part though. Scrubbing all the labels off the bottles took hours and hours and lots of sore hands. Thankfully, we only had to take the labels off of about 2/3rds of them since we were wrapping the other 1/3rd in jute.

So there you have it! I think that for having about four months to plan a wedding we did pretty good.

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Our Honeymoon. Gatlinburg TN. 2018

For our honeymoon we rented a cabin in the mountains of Gatlinburg Tennessee. BEST decision in my opinion. We were able to just relax, kick back and do as we pleased when we pleased. We had no schedule to follow and pretty much just planned our days as we went.

We arrived late Sunday evening, after our GPS took us, like, twenty miles in the opposite direction of our cabin.

Since it was so late, we popped a pizza in the oven and turned on the TV. There weren’t very many channels available to us, but if i remember correctly we ended up watching Supernatural and while Supernatural was on commercial we flipped to Friends.

Monday afternoon we went into Gatlinburg for lunch. We went to Texas Roadhouse and it did not disappoint!IMG_4763

Get ready to see a bunch of kissing pictures! Like seriously, our two main poses were:

1. Standing super close with my hand on his chest and his arm around me

2. kissing


IMG_4765IMG_4768Monday evening we went and watched the Dolly Parton Stampede. It was so much fun! So much fun in fact that I forgot to take pictures… But here is us before we left. Our cabin had a super cute balcony which made a perfect backdrop for pictures. IMG_4775IMG_4777IMG_4776 On Tuesday we spend the day out – At the Aquarium, and then walking around exploring candy shops and eating ice creamIMG_4965IMG_4902IMG_4935IMG_4914IMG_4948IMG_4971IMG_4983IMG_4985IMG_4986IMG_4987IMG_4992IMG_4994IMG_4997IMG_4998IMG_5012

This was the view from our balcony. It rained most of the time we were there and so the clouds hung low and we couldn’t get a clear look of the mountains, but when it cleared up we were rewarded with a beautiful view.IMG_5024

On Wednesday we went to Krispy Cream for breakfast and then to the Titanic museum (which, sadly, did not permit photography).  IMG_5036IMG_5040IMG_5041IMG_5046

On our way back to the cabin, we drove down a SUPER windy road and discovered a cute little church with a bridge, so we decided to stop and take a picture or two. IMG_5048IMG_5053

David’s family has visited Gatlinburg many times, and they always stop to take a picture at the famous Smokey Mountain sign, so of course we had to take one as well! IMG_5096IMG_5097

Overall we had an amazing time on our honeymoon and can’t wait to keep this newlywed love going through the years to come, because who says the honeymoon phase has to end?

Our Wedding 5.26.18

I’ve never felt anticipation quite like i did in the months and weeks leading up to our wedding day. There were times when I would just squeeze David’s hand in joy and exclaim, “I can’t believe I get to marry you!!”

The morning of the wedding… I actually don’t remember much of it. I just remember going to the venue to try to put together the last bit of decorations, but once I got there I honestly was just wondering around like a little lost girl. I am so thankful for all the helping hands that actually helped me get things done because I literally had lost my mind. I wasn’t stressed at all, I just so excited had what I called “Bride Brain” and couldn’t answer any questions about the wedding details without consulting my huge wedding binder.

Since I wasn’t really being much help, I went ahead and left for my aunt’s house, which was where all the girls were going to get ready for the wedding. I started on my younger sister’s makeup and from that point on everything went super fast.

my sweet aunt had completely redecorated her front room to accommodate me and my bridesmaids. She repainted her walls to lighten the room and purchased mirrors to make doing makeup easier, as well as made a yummy luncheon for us to enjoy.

For the entire six months of our engagement, we planned an outdoor ceremony. I imagined the forest behind us while we stood under the arch David made. I imagined the wind billowing through my veil and birds chirping. My heart broke a little bit when I had to make the call to move the ceremony inside. The packed sand arena of the equestrian facility was already decorated for the reception, and so the groomsmen had to quickly set up all the chairs and the entire sound system in a little under an hour. Bravo to them!

My sister-in-law, Grace, offered to do my makeup. She was also able to do most of the eight bridesmaids as well and was a huge blessing!

Jewell (my youngest sister, shown above) was so excited to get her makeup done.




Meanwhile, the guys were getting ready in the South Observation Room of the venue, Hilltop Equestrian Center.


8X8A75628X8A75718X8A75808X8A75948X8A7602Originally, we planned on having our Father + Daughter first look and David and mines prayer outside, but it was pourrrring outside, so sadly we settled for doing it inside. It ended up being beautiful nonetheless.


Since we had planned on our ceremony taking place outside, we didn’t rehearse for an indoor emergency plan. But everything went off without a hitch. Everyone did a wonderful job being flexible and playing things by ear. 8X8A78618X8A78638X8A78788X8A78868X8A78908X8A78978X8A79028X8A79088X8A79138X8A79188X8A79348X8A79408X8A79478X8A79568X8A79608X8A79838X8A79978X8A80128X8A80338X8A80408X8A80518X8A80608X8A80868X8A81168X8A82278X8A82628X8A8278Our reception was so much fun. However it is true when they say you won’t remember much of it. We spent the evening eating, chatting with friends and eating cake.


David’s brother spent time with us in the weeks leading up to the wedding giving us dancing lessons, and I’m happy to say that they did pay off




^^This picture as proof, we basically had the best bridal party ever.

Having our best friends beside us on our day was one of the best decisions we made





8X8A96168X8A96208X8A96428X8A96568X8A96688X8A96948X8A96958X8A96968X8A97078X8A97198X8A9768Our send off was super memorable, complete with sparklers and firecrackers taped to our get-away truck! The groomsmen did a great job with it, and they were pretty proud of themselves. 8X8A99018X8A9960

Photography: Lydia Ruth Photography

Flowers: The Flower Man

Dress: Something New Borrowed and Blue

The First Page in Our Story

Our families had know each other for about eight years and we spent a lot of time together as good friends, and what they say is true – the very best relationships begin with a strong foundation of friendship. We hit it off from the beginning but never got very close to each other until a few years ago. I grew to think of him as a really great guy and I respected him a lot. He later confessed that he thought I was a really great girl and would make someone a wonderful wife one day.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Six months into our relationship

Little did we know that in December of 2016 that the Lord would open David’s eyes and heart to see and think of me as more than a friend. In the meantime I was completely oblivious to this and continued to seek the Lord in my singleness.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

In February of the next year, after listening closely for direction from God, David approached me with the possibility of pursuing a deeper relationship together. We immediately felt the Lord’s hand and guidance in this and after seeking the Lord’s will in prayer, we decided that this was definitely in the Lord’s plan four our lives.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

The Proposal


I was told it was just a little get together with some food and games to celebrate my mom’s birthday – which was the previous week. Little did I know what David had planned. We sat in the living room conversing with my family and his, and he asked me if I’d like to join him outside for some fresh (really cold) air. We moved to sit on the porch, gently swinging back and forth on the wooden porch swing. We sat there for a while, just being comfortable with his right arm around my shoulders and his left hand in both of mine. We talked about the sweet moments in our relationship and the funny ones. We talked about all our favorite memories and expressed our awe at how fast the months had seemed to rush by. During a peaceful lull in our conversation David got up from the swing and said, “I’d like to add one more memory” as he slipped to one knee, popped open a white ring box containing the most beautiful white gold and diamond ring (SO SPARKLY!) and asked me to be his wife. ” Are you serious?! YES!” I answered. And so began our countdown to when we become Mr. & Mrs. Robertson